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Mechwell focus on building bulk solid handling plant and supplying related machines and fabricated parts to plastic, chemical and petrochemical industry.
Our long suits are the best understanding of bulk material properties and the handling process. We are good at solving problems which exist in bulk solid conveying, storage, weighing, mixing and screening.
Meanwhile, offering optimal solutions and proposals of the whole project . Eventually,
Mechwell will provide you with an ideal project which acts according to your demands.With comprehensive experience, creative and innovative emotion. Mechwell..

We provide below machines and plants to domestic and international market:
1. High speed mixer and cooling mixer unit,capacity up to 2000 liters for hot mixer and 6000 liters for cooling mixer.
2. Horizontal double speed blender,capacmty up to 5000 liters.
3. Automatic metering, weighing, mixing and pneumatic conveying plant.
4. Components for pneumatic conveying such as Rotary valve, Diverter valve and de-dusting & vent filters.
5. Vibration screen for powder & pellets, Vibration Fluid-bed Cooler/Dryer.
6. Plastic pelletizer, capacity up to 1500kg/h.
7. Vacuum loaders for powder & pellets, capacity up to 2000kg/h.
8. Screw conveyor for powder and pellets, maximum screw diameter500mm.

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